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News-and-Society Internet marketers with a limited budget will find that free press release sites give them an opportunity to spread the word about their product or service with out costing them any money. In a very competitive internet marketing environment, it can be very difficult for newbies or marketers who don\\\’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising to compete. However, we are in a day and age in internet marketing, where there are a lot of free methods to attract visitors which work well. In this article we will take a close look at some of these free methods. Our primary focus however, will be on free press release options. Besides press releases, individuals can use article marketing, classified marketing, forum marketing and social networking and bookmarking sites to bring traffic to their web sites or blog. The internet, in many ways, has shifted from one in which marketers only use hard-sell tactics to make sells. Today, the Internet is much more social and this allows marketers to interact very closely with potential buyers. This allows them to find out what consumers like and what they want. There is a greater focus on first building a relationship and then selling a product as opposed to simply throwing up an advertisement on Google Adwords or something similar. One way to accomplish is through free press releases. Free press releases allow the media to learn about your product or service and also about you. It also allows readers to get an objective view of you and your company. There are quite a few free press release sites that are a very good. They may not give you as much bang as some paid release options. However, there are some excellent ones that will bring traffic to your site and help you build back links. The four free press release web sites that we will discuss are, BetaNews, and is a free release that tends to do really good in the search engines. If you can find a keyword that is not very competitive and optimize your press release properly, you should see some pretty good search engine rankings. BetaNews tends to be picked up by Google News. Therefore, if you write a good press release you may end up seeing it on Google News and it may stay there for while. I wrote a press release and submitted it to Beta News on August the 23rd and 10 days later, it was still on first page of Google News. As you can see, press releases, even free ones, can be very powerful. I-news is another very good option, as well as It is important to note that just because these press release sites are free, it does not mean that accept junk. The reason they are listed in Google News and/or receive high search engine rankings is because they are respected. ‘They take the time to look at the press releases and throw out the ones that are simply advertisements. Therefore, you need to make sure that you write a good release. It needs to be written objectively and not as a sales pitch. Many free press release sites also have an upgrade option. If you find a PR site that does really well for you, consider upgrading. If you make a contribution, you get more coverage. However, if you only use the free options you should still do well. Simply create a good release and optimize it correctly for the search engines. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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