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Change-Management South China’s first set of domestic and international certification testing one of the LED platform November 18, 2011, the SGS CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. (under referred to as SGS) and National Semiconductor Light Source Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (DQT) signed a strategic cooperation agreement in southern China have launched the first set of domestic and international certification, testing one of the LED quality and technical service platform. The platform will be based in Dongguan, radiation Guangdong, southern China for customers to provide professional, convenient LED testing and certification services, a strong impetus to the continued upgrading and development of LED industry in China. Guan Jun, the SGS ultra-director of DQT’s director of Gu Li Wen attended the signing ceremony and speech by speech. Convenient "one-stop" testing and certification services, reduce costs Guan Jun, SGS ultra-director of the LED industry, as the world’s emerging industries, as governments have to step up the development of LED technology and regulations, standards, especially the performance of U.S. and European markets LED products, safety and energy efficiency set a higher access threshold, "said : following SGS LED Quality Control Center in Xiamen, the successful establishment of, and National Semiconductor light source Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, combining the strengths once again to expand the service capacity, is to meet China’s LED business professional "one-stop testing and certification the urgent needs of the service. With a global network, SGS is well versed in national LED regulations, directives, and can assist in the Guangdong region of LED companies to respond quickly to market changes, open the door to the international market. " As an important base of the LED industry in China, Dongguan City, the LED industry is expected to reach 25 billion yuan by 2012. Semiconductor lighting (LED) as one of the eight strategic emerging industries of Dongguan City, the "12th Five-Year Plan. LED enterprises in Dongguan and the surrounding area in the partnership will provide world-class quality control and certification services in the ‘door’ to help them shorten the testing cycle, reduce the cost of certification, to seize the initiative in the fierce international competition. " LED industry downturn is only temporary, and improve product quality is the key It comes to LED industry is not busy season, part of the LED funding strand breaks, the SGS relations Junchao director of think, by the environmental impact of the international economic situation, not just the LED industry, the country in various sectors are some the economy. Energy saving, low-carbon, environmentally friendly trend is unstoppable. The recession is only a temporary phenomenon, and even less to the extent of the "cold". At this stage, the majority of LED enterprises should be more efforts to improve the product quality, lay a solid foundation for later development. "We are pleased to see the LED industry chain in Dongguan and Guangdong Province, is becoming more perfect, compared to the previous two years, the overall quality of the Guangdong Province of LED products increased, but the overall technical strength and product quality is still restricting the industry the main bottleneck, "director of the Valley calendar Wen said, the SGS more than a century of international brands and our leading detection technology through strategic cooperation, complementary advantages, the two sides will jointly help Guangdong region of LED enterprises to improve R & D capabilities, to promote the accumulation of Guangdong LED Industry’s growth. " After the signing ceremony, the semiconductor light source products SGS and the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center jointly organized a technical seminar of LED lighting products, LED lighting products, LED business representatives with the participation of the province of the European regulatory safety, EMC testing requirements of the resolution and LED lighting product testing The technical analysis conducted in-depth exchanges. The two sides also expected in the field of audio and video consumer electronics products, testing and certification cooperation projects. National Semiconductor Light Source Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is a state-level LED testing laboratory for the southern China region, the secretariat to undertake units of LED lighting products, Standardization Technical Committee, Guangdong Province, in recent years, assumed the testing of the benchmark index of the green lighting model city in Guangdong Province. Center for China’s LED industry set standards development, laboratory testing, remote testing, product certification, standard repair formulation, the standard verification in one of the innovative three-dimensional detection technology services. As impartial, objective third party inspection, verification, testing and certification services leader and innovator, SGS has always been to enhance human health, safety and environmental responsibility, commitment to the sustainable development of the supply chain to provide specialized solutions. With the continued refinement and increased competition of the market division of labor, the market environment, enterprises are facing increasingly complex, the SGS will provide companies with customized certification services, sustainable development report of verification and certification services, risk management, energy conservation, reducing carbon emissions, as well as training services, while improving production efficiency and enhance risk management capabilities, to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises. About SGS SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification body, recognized the quality and integrity of the benchmark. SGS Group, a total of 67,000 around the world plus employees located in over 1,250 offices and laboratories, constitute a global service network. SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. is the SGS Group and part of the former State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision of Standards and Technology Development Company jointly built in 1991, a joint venture company, established over 50 branches and dozens of laboratories in China , with more than 9,000 well-trained experts. SGS service covering the agricultural, mineral, petrochemical, industrial, consumer goods, automotive, life sciences industry supply chain upstream and downstream. In recent years, our environment, new energy, energy efficiency and low-carbon areas of innovation to forge ahead, committed to the professional testing and certification services to promote the economic, environmental and social harmony and win-win for domestic and foreign enterprises, governments and institutions a full range of sustainable solutions. As a good corporate citizen, SGS has always been business enterprises in a responsible manner and contribute to the community. Reconstruction of school buildings such as Gansu jiajiachang Wa region and a permanent presence to support education employees, and effectively improve the local educational conditions; office space evaluation and transformation of energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions; ongoing donations to schools and all the branches in the country, helping the poor help the storm, disaster relief, rescue crisis, environmental protection and other public activities. With exceptional service and sustainable development practices, the company won the "best inspection and certification bodies Award", the most trusted foreign service providers, multinational Contribution Award "," rapid reaction Company Award and Service Innovation Award " best service characteristics of Award "," China’s foreign trade Contribution Award "," quality of corporate integrity, excellent corporate social responsibility "," Best HRM Enterprise "," most companies welcome training institutions "honor success and outstanding contribution. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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