SEO Google SERPs display websites according to their relevance to the keyword been searched. As commonsense tells 买野生猕猴被抓 舒淇正面否认婚变

SEO Google SERPs display websites according to their relevance to the keyword been searched. As commonsense tells, the top 10 sites in the search results are the most relevant sites according to Google and without doubt they will receive most number of traffic for the keyword entered. Yes, you can enroll in to Google Ad words and pay through your nose to be a sponsored listing but it’s a well known fact that sponsored listings are ignored by the majority of searchers and natural listings get the load of traffic. So, while you will pay a lot to be a sponsored or pay per click ad, you may get good visibility easily but not get similar results in terms of traffic and leads. On the other hand, getting top 10 ranks in SERPs is not easy and is time consuming but is well worth the money and time spent. So, how do you make your site relevant in Google’s eyes? How does Google calculate relevance? If you search for Mexico real estate, millions of search results are thrown up. Google uses its secret algorithm to measure relevance of each site so that searchers only get the most relevant and correct results. Though, the algorithm is not known to us, what we know are some factors that effect relevance of a site for particular keywords. Some of the most important factors are: 1. Domain Name: If the domain name includes full or part of keyword then Google will place it higher than other websites with out keywords in domain if all other factors are same. 2. Title Tag: The title tag of a webpage shown at the top of the browser is perhaps the most important on-page factor. If keyword is present in the title tag, it makes more sense for Google and searcher to think that that particular website is relevant to that keyword. If your website is targeting a particular city or region then, adding the region’s name may increase the relevancy of the website. Additionally, the website will get more targeted traffic. 3. Description: Description meta tag can be used by Google in the search results. If the keywords in the description meta tag are not found the webpage’s content then Google may used some other text for description in search listings. 4. Headings: words wrapped by H1 and H2 are deemed more important by Google. So make sure that your keywords are highlighted by heading tags. 5. Links: The site should be easily navigable. JavaScript and flash based menus are ignored by Google. Link should always be textual and anchor text composed of keywords. 6. Inbound links: Links on other websites pointing back to your website shows how popular is your site. The more inbound links from relevant sites means that your website is more relevant to the industry. Looking for a sophisticated approach to strengthening your brand using SEO? Contact Enovabiz Solutions today! Dallas SEO Company Author: Donna Nocero About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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