you’re almost sure to fail. Don’t make the proposal too complicated There is a fine line between creative and complicated. The more aspects that are involved in building up to the moment 成龙激动拥吻影迷 中美合拍动画片

UnCategorized You’ve decided to take the next step and propose marriage. You’re excited and cannot wait to put something together to surprise her. Stop! It’s so easy to get caught up in your plan that you may not think clearly as there are things you could do that can backfire or make the moment less magical than she has dreamed about. Here are eight don’ts to consider before popping the big question. Don’t propose to her too soon in your relationship Think about the first time when you say "I Love You" and you wondered if it’s too soon. Say it too soon and you could scare her off. The best thing is to first be sure it is something you both ultimately want with each other. Then wait until your relationship is on stable ground with balance. Not only balance between you both, but individually as well. Be sure you both have discussed what you want out of life such as kids, where to live and financial planning. If you jump into it too soon, you’re almost sure to fail. Don’t make the proposal too complicated There is a fine line between creative and complicated. The more aspects that are involved in building up to the moment, the more likely something will go wrong, and if often does. Best laid plans still need flexibility and you should expect the unexpected. Besides, your concern should be on the actual proposal moment and not the steps to get there. Don’t make it a public affair Unless you know for sure that A. she wants a public proposal and B. she will say yes, you may want to stay away from a public proposal to avoid embarrassing her and a public humiliation for yourself. Yes, doing in public can be great, but have you considered that she might say "yes" only because of the crowd, only to tell you "no" in private? If you are not absolutely sure, then propose intimately and make it personal. Surveys have shown that most brides prefer to have that moment privately. If you are going to go public, keep it settle. Don’t propose to her at a sporting event Very much like above, but with a lot more noise and an increase dose of embarrassment and humiliation if things don’t go the way you want them too. Don’t propose amongst the throngs of her family Like a public proposal, you better be real sure this will be alright for her, as well as the family, because otherwise this can turn bad quickly. Proposing in front of her family can bring a lot of undue stress to you, her and even some family members, primarily the father. If you are not sure, do it privately and then let her announce it. If you got the parent’s permission, then this should be just fine. Don’t propose without having the ring Remember this is the moment she has dreamed about since she was a little girl. Perhaps you think your relationship is so tight that it wouldn’t matter whether or not you actually have the ring with you at the time of the proposal, but it does. This is her magic moment, a moment that should only happen once in her life. Complete her moment and have that ring present when you get down on bended knee, which you should do as well; its part of her dream. In addition, having the ring at the time of the proposal indirectly shows her that you are serious about this next move in your relationship. Don’t hide her engagement ring in the food The idea is you are being creative, but not only is this idea passed its prime, it’s a set up for disaster. She doesn’t see the ring and bites down on it damaging the diamond or her teeth, or she misses her choppers and straight down into her stomach. If she sees it before eating it, then you will sliding on to her finger a messy, greasy version of her ring that she has dreamed about. Don’t be surprised if she doesn’t say "Yes" right away Consider this. You are about to ask someone to spend the rest of their life with you; the most important decision of her life. So if she doesn’t say "yes" don’t fret because that doesn’t mean "no" either. She knows you are ready; now let her be ready as well. Your marriage will be more solid if you both are fully committed to it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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