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Careers-Employment Ive worked for 2 Hospitals and it was a job that I loved. I was able to learn the many types of medical procedures, concerns and terminology. While working at the hospital I decided to take a medical terminology course offered by the hospital and passed with flying colors. For the 2nd time in my life I felt like I had finally accomplished a life time milestone. Then my sister in law passed away all of a sudden and my Dad was diagnosed with cancer that same year and passed away. Granted these 2 people meant the world to me. My sister in law was very healthy, trying to lose weight and was the life of the party passed out at home one morning and passed that evening. The doctors could not explain why this happened, but I was curious. I asked my brother questions but he barely had any answers. Therefore I said God needed her more than us. After receiving the news that my Dad was diagnosed with cancer I really became concerned because "cancer" was not a word heard often in my family. I started looking up information about the disease. After researching the condition I found all types of cancer and I became really concerned. Even though I worked in a hospital I should have known about the different forms but it really didn’t affect me until my Dad was diagnosed with the illness. After seeing what my Dad had to go through during his illness and observing other patients and other family members when going in and out of the hospital on a daily basis my heart had such compassion that I wanted to do something in the medical field. I knew I could not be a physician or a nurse because I’m too sentimental. I’m one of those people who get attached to people and can become friends with them in a heartbeat. I can’t take the heartache of losing someone I truly care about. Therefore I started editing/transcribing reports at the hospital. My uncle is an anesthesiologist and his wife is a physician at want of our local hospitals and when I’m listening to them talk about their work experiences during the week I am all ears. I’m almost like a kid looking at all the candy in the aisle available for me to eat. Whenever I hear a new medical term or condition I’m on the internet looking up the information. I guess I want to verify what I was told was correct and I want to know how the condition came about and how it is possibly cured. My primary reason for working in at home medical transcription jobs is because I can work from home and have the ability of taking/picking up my girls from school. My girls are 4 (preschooler) & 5 (Kindergarten) years old and they mean the world to me. I rather be available for my girls every need rather than trying to find someone trustworthy enough to take my girls to school, pick them up from school and care for them before and after school, especially if they happen to fall ill or accidentally hurt themselves while away from home. I always feel my responsibility in life is taking care of them and I want to be around for them every minute that I can spare. I wasn’t around much for her because she lived in a different state. My Dad’s illness had such an effect on me that I wanted to keep learning more about the medical industry. Working medical transcription jobs will also allow me to work while the family is away at school/work and I can work in the evening or night hours while they are asleep. I did transcribed reports for my Aunt for a few months last year but after her medical group decided that "EVERYONE" had to use the same transcription company I could no longer transcribed reports for her. Yes it most certainly broke my heart because I had to find a job and find someone to care for girls. My reason for wanting to get more knowledge or training in the medical field is because I miss the field. I had to resign from the hospital in 2004 due to pregnancy complications and after trying to return to work I was laid off and have been out of the medical industry ever since. Becoming an MT has been a passion for me ever since my Dad’s illness and passing. I was currently working as a school bus driver and I love it, but it was not what I wanted to do. I looked up many online transcription courses but I am not able to afford thousands of dollars to become an MT. One day while looking up WAH information on the internet I came across your website and I am very interested in becoming an MT. I believe I will gain more experience working as an MT. At the hospital my duty was mainly editing transcribed reports and verifying patient information. Whenever there was a line in the middle of a sentence because the transcriber did not understand what the physician reported it was my duty to listen to the transcribed report or contact the Physician/Nurse for the appropriate answer. Since I have the ability of typing 50 wpm and I know I am capable of listening and typing at the same time I believe transcribing is the job for me. SN:0TG9Y2ESY At this time my goal is to further my education in the MT career. I want to learn all that I can lean and apply the knowledge I have gained to my MT career. At this time I want to work for a company that hires transcriptionist who work from home because I ‘m not sure which transcription field I want to specialize. Therefore I want to gain as much learning as possible and maybe in a few years down the road I can make a decision on transcribing as a contractor, starting my own transcription business for are physician offices or remain an employee of a transcription company. 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