financial crisis will also be solved together with the addiction. About the Author 暑期学生整容热 山东销毁毒大葱

Health Financial crisis can come to anyone. It’s been said that gaining financial security takes time. Many financial planners and experts provide formulas to financial success. The challenge however is still overwhelming to the public who relied on linear income. Linear income means money received is equivalent to the amount of work that a person does. The more work one does, the higher the income. The opposite is also true- no work means no pay. Employees and common businessmen rely on linear income. The work commensurate to the pay, that’s why it is very essential to work in order to have enough to get through every single day. Those who suffer from financial crisis do so because of many reasons. One is lack of opportunities. Every year, thousands of university graduates compete for only a few positions. Opportunities are few especially with the existing recession the country is facing. Many graduate students also lack the skills to have an edge over the rest of the crowd. At times, university graduates who belong to the top 10% of the class end up with out jobs because of low opportunities. Financial crisis often leads to depression and depression leads to negative coping mechanisms. One way of dealing such problem is to indulge in reckless behaviour like binge drinking. Too often, young adults don’t think about the potential danger they placed themselves every time they drink heavily. In time, addiction is already developed and a need for therapy is already required. The best way to beat addiction is by enrolling in alcohol treatment programs. Another reason for financial crisis is mishandling of finances. Bad habits and vices are great perpetrators to financial instability. People who loved to shop even if finances are tight are putting their budget in a precarious situation. Wants must be forego and needs should be prioritized. Vices like gambling can be deceptive. Spending a few bucks in slot machines could win a person large amounts of money. But this isn’t always true in all cases. At times, the amount spent on these slot machines is bigger than the winnings. Another vice that can lead to financial crisis is addiction to alcohol. Spending much cash on alcohol does not only affect the budget but also the person’s well-being. Money spent on alcohol could have been used productively on other basic needs such as clothing and food. A need for therapy is imminent when there’s alcohol addiction. Alcohol rehabilitation centers provide patients with opportunities like skills development in order to be productive members of the society after treatment. In this way, financial crisis will also be solved together with the addiction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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