the truth is that choosing the right topic and content is critical for the success of any article. Do not over optimize Okay so you may have great content 小偷留下求爱信 张若昀与粉丝飙戏

Marketing Article submission on the surface has never been fully developed or recognized as a full fledged search engine optimization tool, no matter how difficult a task it might seem, the truth is that if used smartly and discreetly, article submission is a powerful search engine optimization tool. The purpose of any article submission exercise, is to actually submit articles with strategically placed links, or better still to display parts of an article on numerous sites, and once a reader is interested, he is redirected to the site hosting the article, basically what this does is ensures is that there is a genuine link going from a high Page Rank site, to the target site. There are some very useful things that if followed correctly can help any search engine optimization team, to effectively harness the limitless potential of article submission. Have genuine content The major reason why most search engine optimizers fail is this, many SEO professionals believe writing out some textual garble, coupled with some fancy technical terms will actually qualify any content for inclusion on an article site. The truth is as far from it as possible. Article submission sites don’t really care if you are putting up an article for search engine optimization purpose, what they are concerned about is the quality and the readability of the content. Based on how useful an article is and in conjunction with other factors, like the language and tone and the grammar, articles are accepted or rejected. Many people have found incredible success by actually just focussing on writing a great article, and forgetting that the only purpose it serves is search engine optimization, the truth is that choosing the right topic and content is critical for the success of any article. Do not over optimize Okay so you may have great content, and you may have written the article in a professional tone, but another stumbling block you might face is over optimizing the content. By over optimizing I mean you could actually right the content with a particular keyword in mind, so your content might be great but the problem is that article sites, will actually detect that you have optimized the text for a particular keyword. This more often than not causes even the most well written articles to be rejected. The idea is to simply be smart and not attempt to pack as many keywords as possible, in a perfectly well written article. Also make sure that the minimum length of each article you write is close to around 500 words. Any article less than 500 words might not be taken as a serious article attempt. Using professional writers Like any other skill, art or talent in the world, writing to is not everyone’s cup o f tea, there is a very good reason why there are professionals who spend their lives writing content and articles. Although writers that can write articles for search engine optimization purposes, are a rare breed, but rest assured any investment you make on that front will be fruitful. There are two very good reasons why you should consider professional help: the first is that they have years of experience in writing, and have probably already worked on the topic you require, and the second reason is simpler, because they are good at what they do. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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